Date: November 2nd, 2023
Time: 8:20 – 16:10 EST
Location: The Westin Ottawa, Ottawa, ON
Agenda: Deep Blue 2023 Agenda 

Team Victoria-Class at the 2023 Deep Blue Forum:

Team Victoria-Class is delighted to be returning to the Deep Blue Forum and is very excited to have several of our team members return to the stage! This year you can expect to see:

  • Chris Earle, Vice-President, Project Delivery, Seaspan Victoria Shipyards, as a featured speaker at the Deep Blue Forum reception
  • Jake Jacobson, Special Advisor, Babcock Canada, as conference Master of Ceremonies
  • Tony March, Vice-President – Engineering and Technology, Babcock Canada, as a guest speaker from 13:30-13:50
  • Darcy Byrtus, President, BMT, as Panel 2 Moderator from 10:40 – 12:00

About the Deep Blue Forum:

As a maritime nation surrounded by three oceans, Canada’s defence and ability to operate in the underwater domain, including the Arctic, is vital and of utmost national strategic interest.

Hosted by Vanguard Magazine Canada, the Deep Blue Forum provides an opportunity for those in the industry to learn more about emerging technologies and capabilities in the underwater domain and to hear from each other and military experts from around the world.

To learn more about the conference, visit: DeepBlue 2023

About Team Victoria-Class:

Members of Team Victoria-Class.

For over 15 years, Team Victoria-Class, a team comprised of Babcock Canada, Seaspan Victoria Shipyards, and BMT, has been a long-standing partner to Canada in delivering submarine maintenance and sustainment support under the Victoria In-Service Support Contract (VISSC).

Our Canadian team includes over 500 dedicated engineers, technologists, project, production, and supply chain experts with specific Victoria-Class knowledge and expertise.

Through the hard work and dedication of this team, over the life of the VISSC, we have leveraged both our Canadian and global expertise and experience to help Canada grow and strengthen its strategic submarine sustainment capabilities and develop unparalleled Victoria-Class submarine platform knowledge.

To learn more about Team Victoria-Class, visit: Team Victoria-Class | Canada’s Submarine Sustainment Partner

About Chris Earle:

Stay tuned! More information coming soon.

About Jake Jacobson:

Jake has an extensive background with the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF), having served in roles including: Combat Systems Engineer at sea and on the waterfront, Project Engineer specializing in Above Water Warfare, Head of Underwater Warfare, and Project Manager for the modernization of Canada’s air defence and command & control destroyers. He also served as Canada’s naval representative to the United Kingdom and Ireland, and as the Commanding Officer of Canada’s Pacific Naval Dockyard.

Following his retirement from the CAF in 1999, Jake transferred to the defence industry to work in naval and air programs overseas and in Canada and was later called to serve in support of defence procurement in National Defence during the vital period of the conflict in Afghanistan and the much-needed growth of national procurement and major capital programs.  He joined Babcock in 2014, wearing many hats within Babcock Canada as his roles and responsibilities expanded across Government Relations, Strategy & Business Development, Marketing & Communications, and Industrial Benefits for the Marine, Land, Aviation, and Nuclear Sectors. He retired from his executive roles in 2020 and remains a Strategic Advisor to the CEO and his leadership team.

At the Deep Blue Forum, Jake will be driving conversations speaking to underwater defence and security operations with various experts throughout the event. For the full list of Deep Blue Forum 2023 speakers, click here.

About Tony March:

Tony is a retired submariner with over 26 years of experience in defence and security and over 20 years’ experience operating and supporting submarines, both in uniform and out. During his career as a Marine Systems Engineer, Tony served in a wide variety of sea-going and shore-based submarine in-service support positions on both coasts and in Ottawa.

Tony joined the Babcock team in 2018 and assumed the role of Vice President – Engineering Services in 2020. Earlier this year, Tony expanded his portfolio to Vice President – Engineering and Technology.

At the Deep Blue Forum, Tony’s presentation will explore Submarine Design Intent: In-Service Considerations

Any new submarine is the product of explicit and implicit Design Intent. Traditionally, Design Intent captures the Concepts of Operations along with the suite of standards, policies, and procedures that together form the basis of design. Design intent extends beyond these artefacts and the availability of a comprehensive Design Intent can have a profound impact on the in-service phase of the life cycle. This presentation will explore the impact and importance of capturing and employing the full extent of the Design Intent for an already built platform to enable effective in-service support. The impact of Design Intent of the following topics will be explored: impact assessments, design, and implementations of future Engineering Changes (both capability enhancements and obsolescence replacement) including physical, functional, and non-functional integration; safety case, quality assurance, and certification; and operating cycle and maintenance philosophy. Adoption of a proven, in-service platform yields challenges to an existing Canadian submarine sustainment enterprise; it also provides opportunities to drive effective in-service support by leveraging not just the proven platform, but also the proven maintenance and certification approaches underpinned by a fulsome Design Intent.

About Darcy Byrtus:

Stay tuned! More information coming soon.