A long-standing partner in Canada’s Submarine Sustainment Enterprise


A long-standing partner in Canada’s Submarine Sustainment Enterprise

Canada’s Trusted Submarine Sustainment Partner

For over 15 years, Team Victoria-Class, a team comprised of Babcock Canada, Seaspan Victoria Shipyards, and BMT, have been a long-standing partner to Canada in delivering submarine maintenance and sustainment support, under the Victoria In-Service Support Contract (VISSC).

Our Canadian team includes over 500 dedicated engineers, technologists, project, production, and supply chain experts with specific Victoria-Class knowledge and experience.

Over the life of the VISSC, the team has leveraged both its Canadian expertise and global experience in submarine sustainment to develop unparalleled Victoria-Class Submarine platform knowledge and a strong Canadian supply chain.

We are proud to be a partner of the Royal Canadian Navy, federal government, and industry partners and we look forward to continuing to support Canada now and into the future.


Our Team

Seaspan Victoria Shipyards

The sole Canadian industrial provider of submarine refit production management, expertise, and labour.

A global leader in submarine sustainment with unparalleled experiencing in Canada.

Delivering submarine design and engineering services.

Victoria In-Service Support Contract

Delivering through-life asset management to complex naval platforms requires a unique and comprehensive set of skills and capabilities. The Victoria-Class submarines operate in an extremely demanding environment requiring rigorous application of project management methodologies, engineering disciplines, high quality workmanship, and a robust supply chain to ensure both the safety of the crew and effectiveness of the submarine.

The Victoria-Class submarines fulfill strategic missions that cannot be performed by other vessels. As part of a task force, the Victoria-Class submarines represent a strategic force multiplier when integrated into combined/joint coalition campaigns. Submarines provide a formidable and discrete ability to project national power by bringing advantages in stealth, manoeuvrability, and versatility to Canada’s maritime military missions. They fulfill a diverse array of missions required by the Royal Canadian Navy – including surveillance of Canada’s coastlines, training and engaging with other defence partners, and protecting Canada’s sovereignty and that of its allies. The threat of their stealth and lethality alone can deter outside interference into Canadian waters.


Investing in Canada


Supporting academic institutions that will train the next generation of marine industry leaders.


Strengthening our supply chain by supporting small and medium-sized businesses through innovation programs.


Working alongside Indigenous businesses, communities, and Peoples to help strengthen and broaden our Canadian supply chain.

Evolution of Team Victoria-Class

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